The Catholic Workers Movement

Jesse Hirsh host of 3D Dialogue interviews Rob Shearer a member of the Toronto Catholic Worker community.

The Catholic Worker Movement, first founded in the US in 1933, believes in absolute harmony and a personal responsibility for helping the poor... as the website states, the movement believes "in the God-given dignity of every human person". Today, there are over 185 Catholic Worker communities worldwide that remain committed to non-violence, voluntary poverty, prayer, and hospitality for the homeless...

Zack de la Rocha about Chiapa and Zapata

My cousins boyfriend brought over a DVD of a concert by Rage Against the Machine, so I'm in the mood for posting something by Rage.

The first two minutes are presented by Zack The other three minutes are the live performed version of PEOPLE OF THE SUN - BATTLE OF NEW MEXICO.

Yiddish-Anarchist song "In ale gasn/Hey, hey, daloy politsey!"("Down with the Police")

This would be a Turn of the contrary Jewish version of "Fuck Da Police"!

Defending the Diversity of Tactics

While the anti-Olympics convergence and the militant actions in Vancouver have been celebrated as successes by local anarchist organizers and their comrades around the world, Platformists from Ontario's 'Common Cause' have joined the corporate media, police, and IOC in publicly condemning the black bloc.

This is a part of a panel discussion co-hosted by and working TV, Saturday February 20, 2010 at W2 Media Arts Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Harsha Walia does an AMAZING job in breaking down the accusations leveled at the bloc.

Diversity of Tactics - 3 - Harsha Walia from working TV on Vimeo.

Click here to see the rest of the discussion.

Film: The Weather Underground

The Weather Underground is a 2002 documentary film based on the rise and fall of the American radical organization The Weathermen. The group's goal was to "bring the (Vietnam) War home" through acts of militant tactics.

Music: Eh Bhau By Tank Girl; Anarcha-Feminist Punk from Nepal

TANK GIRL is a band with 2 members of the best known DIY punk band in Nepal, RAI KO RIS. The Line up is : Sareena Rai (from Rai Ko Ris): bass guitar,vocals. Sampreety Gurung : Guitar,backing vocals. Olivier Bertin (also from Rai Ko Ris): drums.

Tank girl has been doing many benefit gigs in Nepal for women’s rights,women foundation etc. Most of their songs describe the exploitation, hatred, sexism, domestic violence, unequality etc against the women in the Nepalese community. Thus the band being an anarcha-feminist foundation.

Tank Girl / Rai ko ris has also set up an Anarchist infoshop known as “The Infoshop” in Kathmandu Nepal.

The INFOSHOP on Lazimpat (opposite Mahaguthi shop and the Gallery Cafe, in the same compound as Himalayan Cashmere Co. and Gallery 9) is up and running. Many d.i.y releases of all genres, CD-Rs at cheap prices, zines. We’ve so far had film shows (of live bands or documentaries), workshops on silk-screening own t-shirts, music workshops, and pot-luck lunches!!! Anyone can organise an appropriate little event there if they wish. Take it into your own hands. It’s become kind of like a youth club.We just like hanging out there all day and reading all the zines from around the world and talking shit, loudly, in a place where punk is blasting all day!!!

Download their album, Kids With Gun + Choco Fun, here.

Storming back to theaters!

Hy Friends and Comrades!

It's been forever since I posted, and I hope to get back into the blogging business real soon.

So Stay Tuned! We will soon have more videos and music up!