Film: Nazi Pop Twins

there is a local case here in Winnipeg where these white nationalists drew swastikas all over their kids and the child and family services took them away. Now there is this big custody case, where the nazi parents are saying that there human rights to teach their children their “religion” or some stupid shit. This case really hit home a week ago, when my partner found out that the nazi father was the security guard at her work, and that some of her non-white co-workers where noticing that he was staring them down.

Nazi Pop Twins is a 2007 British documentary that investigates Prussian Blue, a white supremist pop duo comprised of twin sisters Lynx and Lamb Gaede. It stresses tension between the twins and their mother, April—manager and nazi stage mom from hell—and the stress the white nationalist ideology has put on grandparents Bill and Dianne's relationship to the point where Dianne threatens to leave Bill during the making of the program. It also touches on the fact that this ideology seems to have been a factor in the breakup of mother April's marriage, which also happens concurrently to the making of the program. The girls are also shown trying to distance themselves from the “white pride” movement, expressing doubt that it is what they really believe in.

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